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Desiree Interior Designer in Mansfield, MA

Your Vision, Your Style

Some designers love to stick to one style to streamline their process….not us! We are not afraid to think outside the box to blend styles and strategies.

Our designs are cutting-edge (no pun intended).

Our clients are usually busy families and professionals who often spend time balancing many hats, working around demanding work schedules, and finding the family time. They are the heroes in their spaces!

We understand the struggle of a busy lifestyle and are confident that we can provide a space that will give you peace of mind.

We provide services in the New England area and nationwide upon request.

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A La Carte Menu

Our gourmet services are designed to cater to you. We believe in customized plans that are stackable for a light strategy or the full course.


Design It

8+ Yrs. Design Expert

The full interior design package is our way best way to get the entire job done. It is a streamlined approach that ranges from renovation, additions, or decorating to enhancing a current space. We work with our top trade professionals and vendors to make the process easy for all while sticking to the clients’ budget.

Investment: Starting at $1500

Coastal Beach Style Kitchen


Stage It

We offer home staging for real estate agents and homeowners who are looking to sell their homes for a greater value or enhance their existing homes for better livability. With our complimentary initial call, we will discuss your budget, timeline, and where you are in the process of selling so we can help capitalize on all of your home’s unique characters. We understand how challenging it can be to make your home look the best…because the first impression leaves the signature mark.

Investment: Initial consultation is complimentary

Consultation – $300 up to 2 hours

Staging Installation – $100/hour

Shopping Package – 20% of total furnishing investment

A gorgeous modern farmhouse bedroom that was inspired by the trending aqua color that is entering mainstream. With the yellow leather accent chairs and the white wash wood furniture, it become a subtl


Designer for a Day

It can be tough making decisions around current conditions. You can hire our designer for a day to walk you through how to maximize and enhance your space with your current furnishings. Our designer will go to your site and help move things around as needed to make your space feel more welcoming.

Investment: Initial consultation is complimentary

Consultation – $500 up to 2 hours

Interior Designer, Desiree Washington (Edge)


Light & Color It Up

6 + Yrs. Design Experience

The lighting design consultation is the initial consultation to understand your lighting needs and understanding your space. We will help you understand what types of light fixtures will be best to fit your style and space while also providing an overview of our lighting package. It includes everything from writing your lighting specification to install tips we help you choose adequate lighting for your design.

The paint consultation explores the human factors of color theory as it pertains to paint. Finishes, shade, undertone, and durability are just a few concepts we analyze to make sure you are getting the best color for your interiors. Our brand partnership with Sherwin Williams allows for a luxurious hand on approach as we evaluate the color selections and a streamlined process for installation.

Investment: Starting at $100/hr

Book Light ConsultationBook Paint Consultation
The Vibrant Living Quarters was a project we designed right after the new construction was complete. We specified all of the lighting, furniture, and decor for the entire home. The client wanted a vib



Getting The Job Done

We understand that sometimes clients feel confident in what furnishings they want to have, but may get lost on how to get it assembled and styled. No design is required.

Work with our team of assemblers to get furniture put together and placed appropriately. Our project managers will help you with any added decor to complete your look.

Investment: Starting at $1200+




Learn from our CEO

The Home Decor and Styling Academy will allow you to have fun, get creative, and obtain the results you have always wanted in your home in a short period of time. The new curriculum is coming summer of 2023! Some of the topics that will be available are:

*Decluttering and reorganizing your home to only have all things that serve you

*Learn healthy home body habits

*Learn how to enhance your home through decor and design

4 sections | 12 x 30min classes

Investment: Each class is $50/each with a pro-rated amount for those who complete the entire academy

Coming Soon
Interior Designer, Desiree Washington (Edge)
The Vibrant Living Quarters was a project we designed right after the new construction was complete. We specified all of the lighting, furniture, and decor for the entire home. The client wanted a vib

The 6 Step Process

Our stages of the design process allow clients to customize their design services with us to follow the budget and project timeline. No matter the project, every client works through these stages of the design to complete their projects from start to finish. Since we work through an a la carte approach, not every client will go through all six stages, depending on how much design involvement is needed. However, each stage is designed to cater to the client so the project is completed the best way possible. Here is a breakdown of our stages of the design:

Client Portfolio

The Acuity Questionnaire Form

Initial questionnaire to build client portfolio. Questions are geared to help designers understand your needs and desires for the spaces involved. We will go over the evaluation of your space, discuss design style and goals, and general project information such as location, room type, etc. Every client completes stage I when the form is completed and the initial consultation is complete.

Initial Meet & Greet

30 Min Virtual Consultation with Designer

Through a free consultation, we understand the spaces involved and set intentional goals. We formulate some recommendations and discuss design strategies that can be implemented immediately. We will discuss the space(s), design and decor styles, quick on-the-go tips, and the overall Designs By Des design process.

Design Proposal

1:1 Proposal Discussion

Through a follow-up meeting, we discuss the new design for the spaces involved and how much involvement is needed from the designer. You get to see the vision through concepts that bring solutions to current spaces. We will discuss the mood board, investment, and timeline, and review the next stage for design implementation.

The Design Tour

Visual Design

Mood Boards: Building the Visual Design: Establish the decor strategy for the project. It is meant to create the vibe and overall energy the project will bring through a visual collage.

2D Concept Boards : Graphically Staging in 2D: Concept Boards are designed for a client to see a design strategy in one view. It is not to scale and is only for conceptual purposes.

E-Design : Space Configuration: 3D model built to scale that portrays the furniture spacing, layout, and finish selections for final specification.

The Specification

Shopping Experience

Procurement/Project Management

In this phase, we write out the specification to match the design and client budget. Once approved, we will work with our vendors to get the material inspected, tracked, and delivered to your home for installation.

We also offer shopping consultations for local clients based per hour. Through the shopping phase, we work with local and national retailers, resellers, thrifting finds, auction finds, and even manufacturers to get the lowest price possible to maximize the client’s budget.

The whole goal is to make the shopping portion of the design streamlined.

Client Reveal & Installation

In-Person Assembly and Staging

Seeing the design come to life is the most rewarding part! A full reveal of the design is installed in the home. An option that is offered to clients who are willing to go the whole way, we offer a complimentary photoshoot package of your design to celebrate you taking on this journey of self-care and development. It all starts at home.


We celebrate ALL wins and think investing in yourself is worth celebrating! Every part of our process is a celebration.

Get Inspired with our DESIGNables

Within all of our design stages, we believe in solving all of our design challenges through visuals that tells the project’s story. Our menu allows for different levels of deliverables depending on the scope and client. All of our designs are done in house to eliminate any project delays and missed communication.

Our design deliverables are the most realistic you will get to seeing your design in real time. Each option is designed to match your design and decor style while taking the second guessing away. We will explore interior design concepts that provide the best solutions to your needs while sticking to your budget. It is our specialty!

BIM Modeling & E-Design

The E-Design and 3D Modeling option is our fan favorite. Through BIM modeling, we are able to build your space  to scale to allow us to create renderings of various views at various time of day. We will explore textures, color schemes, spatial layouts, styles, lighting, and more. 

  • 3D Home Tour
  • Day & Night Renderings
  • Floor Plan
  • Elevations

Spatial Planning

Architectural drawings such as shaded floor plans, 3D perspectives and elevations are a great way to see project details at a construction level. Our renovation and addition services allow us to create detailed drawings for our trade professionals to fully understand our designs.

  • Aerial Perspectives
  • Shaded Furniture Plans
  • Shaded Lighting Plans
  • 2D Drafting

Design Boards

Mood boards are our quickest way to convey decor and design concepts. All of our mood boards are curated and sourced to allow us to provide inspiration to our subscribers and followers. You can check out our boards on our Like2KnowIt storefront and our shopping tab (coming soon).

  • Commissionable Links
  • Conceptual Exploration
  • Furniture Specification Approvals
  • Interior Design Selections: I.e: Hardware, Flooring, Window Treatment, etc.

Designs By Des Interiors pride ourselves in the best virtual home tours through our cutting edge modeling software. They are designed with the most detail to get the best picture of the design before it is implemented into reality.

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