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Season 1, Episode 6

"Houses with History"

Trash to Treasure: The One with the Blacksmith

"When the owner of a 1707 center-chimney Cape Cod tells Mike he's thinking of selling, the team jumps at the chance to take it on. Also, when two antique cabinets are dumped at the Mercantile, the team digs into their history and works to restore them."

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Home Shows

73rd RI Home Show | RI Convention Center

Home Show Experts

DBDI were formally invited to be a part of the Inspiration Showcase as experts in two topics. Learn more about our topics below.


As winter comes to an end, a way to embrace the new season is adding touches of spring throughout your interiors. The sense of renewal brings a vibrant energy into a space that can be incorporated with playful warm color integrations, tying natural elements like gorgeous floral stems and buds, or light and airy fabrics through textiles like throws and pillows to name a few. Spring decor helps uplift our winter blues as we embark on all the joys, the warmer weather brings.


Choosing the right paint color for an interior space can be daunting at times, but it does not have to be! If you are ever looking to have an immediate impact on an interior space, one of the most cost effective and influential ways to impact behavior is through paint. Paint has a direct correlation to influencing how we perceive and experience our surroundings. It is important to understand how you want to feel and be in a space when you choose your paint color and shades. For example, are you thinking about recreating an at home spa to mimic a rejuvenating experience you once you had?Adding hues from the ocean like blues and wood tones to your scheme, will help! Never underestimate the power of color splash in a space.

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Desiree Washington RI Home Show 2023

Podcast Interviews

Designed for the Creative Mind

Michelle Lynn: Episode 87

"The Designed for the Creative Mind Podcast"

Finding Your Passion in the Midst of a Storm with Desiree Washington

My next guest started her business two months before the pandemic and during her first year of motherhood. Desireè Washington founded Designs By Des Interiors to help busy moms and professionals like herself create healthy spaces that would foster growth. By working through her own challenging experiences, she created healthy, comfortable environments for her growing family through a budget-friendly approach.

With a background in architecture, lighting, and psychology, she has helped to create her empire around what she loves. Desiree has also completed the Interior Design Business Bakery Program.

Despite her prior education and experience, Desireè still encounters imposter syndrome. In this episode, we chat about how becoming a mom changed her outlook as a designer, her favorite part of having an interior design business, and her next big business move.


Keenya Kelly: Episode 148

"The Keenya Kelly Podcast"

How Desireè Washington Won $10,000 On TikTok

In this week’s episode, Keenya sits down with Desiree Washington, an interior designer from Southern Massachusetts, to talk about how she gained the courage to step onto the TikTok scene and share a video that won her $10,000 on the platform! Plus, Desireè is uncovering what it’s like when your business becomes a family affair, life as a business-owning mama, the impact of social media, and the process of rebranding. You’ll hear all about how Desireè and her fam tackle ongoing growing pains of their one-stop-shop design biz and the power of being able to help customers cleanse their space in a way that means more than one might expect.


Melissa Martin: Episode 83

"Boldly Courageous Podcast"

Investing Before You're Ready

Welcome back to the Boldly Courageous Podcast! Have you ever felt like you were not living into your fullest potential? Have you ever wanted to make an investment in yourself but were afraid you weren’t ready or didn’t have the money? That is exactly how my guest Desireè Washington felt when she decided to go all in on her dream of being her own boss and starting her very own home decor & design business.


Sandy Vo: Episode 28

"Prosperous Podcast"

How to Create a Thriving Home Environment with Desiree Edge

Welcome to Prosperous, this week's episode is part of a series that highlights Prosperous Women living a life that is defined by their own terms.

Desireè Washington is a hybrid when it comes to designing and styling. With an architecture background (architect graduate at RPI) and minor Human Factors in Design (Human Psychology) she looks at the world differently. As a former lighting consultant of almost 7 years, she helped design professionals with lighting design and immediately emerged as an upcoming designer specializing in providing design solutions of all types. Through her professional experience over the years, she's worked to master distorting perspectives, brightening spaces, beautifying realities, and optimizing space through different techniques she's implemented. She is a huge fan in sharing a little bit of DIY and transformations that inspires anyone to try them in their own home. Now she's a full time working stay at home mom that shares her life in the lens of not only an entrepreneur, but how to balance work and home life mutually.


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Interviews, Cited, & Published Work

BBW Member Interview: Desireè Washington

We are a one stop shop family run and operated interior design studio in southern, MA that specializes in elegant multi-functional interiors for busy families and professionals. We handle everything in house from E-design, space and furniture planning, lighting design, shopping and staging. I started the company from a need to have flexibility working from...

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Modern Chic Mom on the Street: Desireè Washington

Modern Chic Mom on the Street Desireé Washington inspires those around her through her bright personality and passion for helping people reimagine and redesign their homes or business spaces. Whether she’s designing interior spaces for her family-run business or hanging with her family, she is sure to do so in style!

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How to Decorate a Large Wall

Desireè Washington of Designs By Des Interiors highlights the power of infusing color onto a large wall. "Utilizing color in a large room can really change the perception and change the mood of the room," she says. And the specific hues you select can help you achieve the vision you have in mind...

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30 Lively Kids' Playroom Design Ideas to Spark Endless Creativity

For younger children, floor play is essential to growth and development. Here, Designs by Des was sure to incorporate a rug to motivate children to sit, lay down and play, then decorated the space with a pink canopy that will make any little girl feel like a princess. Tip: Don't forget the stuffed animals.

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