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Becoming Abundant in Your Home Space

August 16, 2023
The "Nautical Aqua Living Quarters" is one of our latest fan favorites that included an entryway, family room, dining room, play area, and kitchen space. The goal was to create a cohesive, warm and in

Creating abundant home spaces is something that truly starts from within. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed in your mind that your thoughts drain your energy, mental fog develops, and you forget what you were even doing in that present moment? Often times those feelings carry out into our inner world and become a hub for diminishing our ability to be open to receive. Maybe you walk through your front door and get immediately irritated from stepping over those piled up shoes that your kids forgot to put away or you walk into your living room and just being present makes you mind wander on all the things that are connected to a painful memory, but you keep them because some day, they will have a new place in your life. If I am speaking to you, then you understand the cost that has come from not prioritizing your home health because life just happens. You are not alone my friend, and I am here to help give you three simple steps to help you get back on track.

Kitchen Space

1. Creating a Home Oasis

Within the home, it is important to have a place that it your safe haven. I call these the micro-self hubs that are designed to meet specific needs to get you centered. See them as your own personal therapy center that houses all of your intimate things that elevate you. This could be a reading nook that has an egg chair, a floor plant, and a cozy blanket that makes your feel supported as you read a personal development book or journal your person thoughts. It could also be something even smaller like a set up in your bathroom that has spa like accessories to create a home spa experience as you run warm bath water, light a candle, and run a diffuser aromatherapy. Whatever the space is for you, think about a place that would allow you to clear your head and be decluttered of things that are not needed. You can see a beautiful example of this here:

Home Oasis Example
The "Chic Rose Master Suite" was a master bedroom that was for a single mom of twin girls who wanted a space that was her oasis. We created a mature yet elegant design by playing with deep color tones

2. Establish a Consistent Home Habit

Establishing a healthy home body habit will always go far, but to take it a step further, implement a home habit that is consistent and will have an immediate impact. The benefits that it has will carry into how you show up for your day and allow you to attract a self serving energy to keep you in lined with your emotions. A good example of one is the power of starting your day with hydration and making your bed.

Often times, we may wake up late because we slept past the alarm or we prioritize other things within our home like getting dressed because, let's face it, not many of us are walking out of the door commando style. Making your bed is a healthy habit that has so many benefits than making a bed pretty. Here are some of my favorites below:

  • Keeps dust mites low for better air quality
  • Focuses your attention on
  • Sets the tone for tidiness in the rest of your home
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Boosts productivity and improves personal hygene
  • Keeps clutter and chaos at a minimal in your bed space
  • Improves sleep and overall well being

We could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. When we start our days without rushing and allowing our bodies to wake up from a good nights rest, it is easier for us to not feel overwhelmed. Less accidents can happen and less damage control can all happen just by how we treat the place we rest.

Reading Nook Designs By Des Interiors

3. Keep Visual Clutter Minimal

Keeping visual clutter down will need to be a blog post on its own, but for now, understanding that our minds run wild when we visually see a lot happening in our visual field. Our eyes and brains are working together to process our surroundings so we can know how to respond while we do specific tasks. If our interior space is busy of things that makes our eyes wander rather than bringing a sense of calm as we move through a space, we will immediately be pressured to trying to understand what we are seeing. That is added processing time, more energy, and unhealthy boundaries on what is important for us to see in certain spaces we live in.

Visual clutter can be in any space. A good example is the center part of the home in what we love to refer to as our replenish incubator, aka our kitchen. It is a controversial act of love when we see people feeling conflicted in removing marketing packaging on our foods as we open the pantry. Why spend the extra time taking that past out of the box to place in an air sealed tight jar? Of course, it is so pretty to look at when you open your pantry and see the same color together on the shelf with our pastas, rice and beans, but why do we find it calming?

The psychological connection is because our brains has less material to need to process. Our brain will see the color of the pasta and the shape to know exactly what it is. It gets right to the point without needing to see all the words on a packaging label or the branded material in the company that made the pasta. All little things with a huge impact!

The "Nautical Green Living" project was a residential project that included an open living room space, dining room, and entryway. The client struggled with creating an inviting open room without it be

An easy way to start implementing these three steps is to pick one from each category to focus on daily. We truly believe that the smaller things we can do, the easier it is to make the changes necessary to see relief. The more you will be able to handle, the more progress you will make. We believe you can get there and we are hear to cheer you on every step of the way!

You can learn more about our healthy habit teachings in some of our latest podcast interviews with Des that you can find HERE!

Cheers to living abundantly!